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Revisional Weight Loss Surgery Perth

Revisional Weight Loss Surgery

Revisional weight loss surgery is a secondary procedure for those who have already undergone a form of weight loss surgery but require a second operation.

Although many patients achieve a very successful weight loss with a single surgery, there are several instances which could occur where a patient might need to consider the revisional surgery.

Reasons why revision bariatric surgery is performed

There are several different reasons why someone might seek revisional surgery. Some patients may have experienced lifestyle changes. Some patients may have not lost enough excess weight the first time. Others may seek the procedure due to unresolved health concerns or complications with the initial weight loss surgery.

Complications after weight loss surgery

  • Acid reflux
  • Infection

Regaining weight

  • Revisiting bad diet habits
  • Re-eliminating exercise

Unsuccessful in losing weight

  • Failing to quit bad habits
  • Worsening previous bad habits

Lifestyle changes

  • Pregnancy
  • Emotional, financial, or physical trauma

Insufficient weight loss or regain

The most common reason why patients pursue revision surgery is because they did not lose their desired amount of weight the first time. This is not necessarily due to a ‘failed surgery’ but most of the time, is due to the following reasons: 

  • The patient failed to follow their recommended diet/eating habits or make healthier choices overall.
  • The patient underwent a weight loss surgery that did not properly address their metabolic needs. 
  • The modifications made by the procedure were not properly preserved. (Band slipped or stomach expanded)

How do I know if I need revision weight loss surgery?

Dr Stephen Watson and his team will undergo a thorough assessment in order to help you determine if revision surgery is a good option for you. Dr Watson will also be able to suggest the most suitable procedure for you based on your individual needs.

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